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Automation Works | Best Selling Free Kindle Book on Amazon | Kathy Swanson | Integrated Marketing Werx
Automation Works | Best Selling Free Kindle Book on Amazon | Kathy Swanson | Integrated Marketing Werx

Why automating makes it easier for people to buy

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, President, Marketing Director or part of the team, wouldn't it be great if your online marketing could make more effective use of your business' time, money, and resources?

Wouldn't it be refreshing to read a book that cuts through all the marketing jargon to simply share "why" and "what" makes marketing automation work from a business perspective, answering your key questions?

In "Automation Works: Turning Your Marketing from a Money-Pit into a Money-Making MACHINE!", Kathy Swanson, Founder and President of Integrated Marketing Werx, takes you on this fantastic journey culled from over 20 years of work with a wide variety of niche startups, small to large businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies. You are in for an excellent ride -- even if marketing is not your thing.

  • What if we were able to focus on our ideal buyers?

  • What if we didn't have to re-invent the wheel and could create marketing systems and processes that work for our business?

  • What if we could make it easier for people to buy from our company?

  • What if we could shorten the buying cycle dramatically?

  • What if we could keep the customers and/or clients we work so hard to get?

  • What if we could actually measure how well something worked? Or if it didn't, to be able to change it?


"We are witnessing the emergence of high-touch in a high-tech world where valuable, relevant content is king and service is queen; with results being the prime minister." - Kathy Swanson

The Challenge

Over more than a decade, the effectiveness of traditional marketing, advertising, and sales as plummeted. Yet, while this fact keeps everyone from entrepreneurs to executives up at night, most marketing professionals are not really talking about it. Why?

The Solution

You may have thought that just re-focusing your efforts on online marketing and social media rather than traditional marketing is the solution. For the majority of you who have flipped your marketing budget to online activities, you probably already realize that is not the case.


What if you made it easy for folks to find your business and know that you care about their problem or desire; so they can start the process of knowing how you can help them?